Change ITunes tags from Engine Prime

I would like to use only one software and it would be ideal if it were Engine Prime. I have all my music on ITunes and right now I have to use Serato Dj since it allows me to write on all Itunes tags and updates them instantly in the ITunes library. It would be possible that Engine Prime could also write and change the music tags of ITunes so as not to have to use other software.


This would be huge. I also use itunes for everything (mostly for the convenience of having my library sync to my phone) and it’s a huge workflow disruptor to have to change stuff in another program


Considering a Denon purchase, but am I hearing that users cannot edit the “comments” fields or any other iD3 tags via the touchscreens? It has to be done in 3rd party software?

What you comment is correct, you can only with Serato Dj