CH 3 Sweep FX on when knob centered

Hi @JWiLL. I have a problem when I apply the effect with the knob of chanel 3 (only on this channel), when you apply the effect and you have the knob centered (12 o’clock) the effect does not sound (and that’s fine) but have the knob move soon and you apply the effect (for either side) and you come back and place the knob centered (at 12 o’clock) the effect continues to sound. Apparently it is a problem that is solved with a new firmware, it is as if the parameter is not reset. To solve the problem I must turn off the effect. I have firmware 1.2 installed and it won’t let me install it again, so I understand that they should release a new firmware.

PD: The other knobs work perfectly.

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Hi @djpigc - I was not able to reproduce this behavior in my environment. Since this only occurs on one of your knobs, it suggests that there may be a hardware problem with that particular knob.

Please contact our Denon DJ Global Support Team for further assistance with this matter. They’ll help resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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