Cfade or Relay Play - Coming Back Ever to Denon DJ?

I’m still wondering (as a mobile DJ) why Denon’s latest and greatest doesn’t have the ability to do what the DN-HD2500 did for us mobiles. Laptop-less playback, but the ability to crossfade between tracks on the same deck (or within crates/playlists), or relay between two decks/crates/playlists…with timed fades. Would love to jump to the MCX-8000 or even the new Prime gear, but if the software (Engine) and hardware don’t have simple autofade technology, I will continue to use the DMAN software and older Denon hardware. Would love to hear what others think. I am really trying hard to be a DJ who doesn’t use a laptop for any performance; only want to use the computer to prep music on drives.

I know there is a continuous play mode, not sure if you can set them to autofade or just back-to-back play.

That’s what I see, continuous mode plays songs till the end, then plays the next song on the deck/list/crate. Don’t know why the manufacturers are taking this important “mobile” element out of their products. Don’t know why Serato won’t do this - I would probably standardize on that platform for all music, or if Denon had it in the Engine platform, I’d use it exclusively in a heartbeat! Would love for any Denon rep or engineer to chime in on this.

Hi Tgro, On the SC5000, there is a continuous mode. Currently, it simply plays the next track without any sort of fade in/out functionality. That’s not to say that it couldn’t be added in a future update.

Let’s just say that if I wanted to DJ professionally on a laptop, I don’t see anyone using Windows Media Player or Itunes, for that matter. So why not offer this feature (which I know can be done!)?

Would love to see a commitment to this, for sure! Especially since I may invest nearly $6K into that Prime setup! If it’s not on the hardware, though (buttons for these features), I wonder how it can be “updated.” Perhaps with a button combo (shift + X)?

The continuous mode is activated by an on-screen button in the main player screen. If the cross-fade/relay functionality were to be implemented, it would most likely be a setting in the preferences menu. I’m not a dev, but that’s where I could see that being put in.

If I remember correctly, even the DN-S1200s had this feature, right?

What can I do to convey this “want” to the developers, other than hoping they read this forum? And thank you for your replies and understanding exactly what I’m asking! The Pioneer and Serato forums aren’t too receptive to this feature or mobiles.

Tgro, You’re welcome and this is a big reason why this forum was put together. The people that can affect the change do look at these posts, so your request will be seen. There is also a SC5000 feature request thread(in the prime section) where you will find a growing list of things djs would like to see as part of this gear’s feature set

Yes they do, a handy feature :grin:

Would be good to see some of the old Denon playback features added to their new products.

BTW…update for me. Just got my two SC5000s last week and I LOVE them. Some functionality, like the topic of this thread, for one, would be awesome. I’m still in the process of getting to know and use Engine Prime, and I’m still waiting on the x1800 mixer to bring it all together.