Censor and Slicer on the Prime Go?

Hi my question is around the censor and the slicer feature on the Prime Go. Since I do not see dedicated hardware buttons for this is it possible to use the features some how through the touch screen since the family of all Prime devices use the Prime Engine? Or is are these features just non existent on the Prime Go and I should be looking at the Prime 2?

Thank You, Rene

If you don’t need the battery element of prime go or the diminutive size of the prime go, then opt for the Prime 2 or 4 - a lot of the purchase price of the go will be the battery itself and the workarounds and compromises that they’ve had to put in place for the battery.

Hi yes, This is exactly why I am asking. I would rather have the small size, battery and portability.

I would still like to know if the “Censor and Slicer” is accessible through the screen\software even though there is no dedicated hardware button on the Prime Go.

This will help me make a decision on which unit to purchase.

I don’t believe slicer or censor are features of the Prime Go. There’s no mention of either in the documentation. You can review all features in the User Guide which which is available for download on Denon DJ’s main website (on the upper right of the home page, select downloads and look for Prime Go).

Hi @Mixlive and Everyone.

Yea I did read the User Guides for both GO and P2. However, the user guide does not go into detail on all the option of the On Screen (Prime OS) functionality. It covers all the hardware buttons, knobs, yes…

So I would still like confirmation and an answer if (Censor and Slicer) is available through the screen (Prime OS) even if physical buttons are not on the unit.

No. There is no performance triggering of effects, censors, slicer, loops, etc. from the screen. The P2 has physical buttons for censor & slicer functions.

Hi @Renehasp The PRIME GO does not have Censor or Slicer modes. If you need those features the PRIME 2 may be a better option for you.


Can you have someone reach out to Amazon and tell them to stop the false advertisement of the Denon Prime Go.

On their website they list the Slicer as part of the Performance Pads.

If you scroll down it also says that the only difference between the Prime go and the Prime 2 is Battery and less performance pads. This is just not true if there is functionality and features missing as well…

It would be cool to see a full comparison of features between the P4, P2 and GO… Casue now I’m starting to think what if I go with the Prime 2 and what functionality \ features am I missing by not going with the Prime 4…

I wish that there was some type of shift button that would allow go to have more functionality since it is the same Prime OS… I really really like the size of the Prime GO from a portability, party anywhere anytime mindset.

Thanks so much. -Rene

Hi @Renehasp Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will reach out to Amazon and have them update their product listing. Sorry for the confusion.

You can see a feature comparison between PRIME 2, 4, and GO here: https://www.denondj.com/kb/prime-2-faq/

Feel free to request those features for PRIME GO here: https://denondjforum.com/c/smart-consoles/feature-requests/

Thanks again for catching that!


Silly question, now I’m reading…


Number of performance pad modes 6 6 4

Shouldn’t it be Number of performance pad modes: 6 6 3

Since there is no, Slicer mode? and the fourth button is a “bank”?

PRIME 4 & 2

  1. Hotcues
  2. Manual/Saved Loops
  3. Autoloops (Loop pad mode button second press)
  4. Rolls
  5. Slicer
  6. Slicer Looped (Slicer pad mode button second press)


  1. Hotcues
  2. Manual/Saved Loops
  3. Autoloops (Loop pad mode button second press)
  4. Rolls

Bank is not a pad mode. It is used to access pads 5-8.


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