Cat cable for audio connectivity

I have a crazy idea. It might be good for future hardware revisions, or maybe it could be introduced in firmware. I don’t know the hardware spec well enough to say. Anyway, what if we only had to connect Ethernet cables for network and audio? Maybe the decks and mixer could be Dante enabled. Maybe it’s some other thing. Hopefully not too proprietary because it would be great to give a sound tech a cat cable to feed the main audio desk for the venue.

I’m not saying that the analog or digital audio ins/outs on the players and mixer should be replaced with RJ45, but it would be a great option, and based on what I’m seeing as an A/V tech at my day job, it would be fairly forward thinking.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you’ll consider it. GLHF


Good suggestion @playerOne But I think that implementation of the Dante protocol would cost too much (license for usage). Maybe AES50 would be the way to go? I wander if our players would be having fast enough lan card to do it…? That also requires a completely new mixer, that could get aes50 inputs… That would be awesome!

Could a Audio-over-CAT wired extender pair do the trick? I’ve used that to pass audio around venues, both directly and over the venues network ports

Are there delay / latency issues?

I used a lot AES50 on stage with practically 0 latency on Midas PRO X mixing desks. Also Pioneer DJM Tour-1 has AES50 as master out.

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Thanks. I know nothing about Pro audio.

Always nice to learn new things.

Not that I’ve encountered except that sometimes I’m running a cable upto 100 meters away so you would have to expect that the sound itself is going to take a second to a couple of seconds to reach you.

The extender pair I use are mains powered so that probably helps everything too.

AES70 would be a better fit.

Then that sweet sweet - Arbitrary numeric/string parameters can be used in something like OBS to display current song being played on a layer.

That would be great and for a second step.