Can't update one the firmware on one of my SC5000

I have 2 SC5000’s, one of which is able to have its firmware updated from 1.0.0 to 1.0.3, while the other has trouble updating.

Whenever i try to update it, it says that my “SC5000 is not plugged in, please connect power supply”, when clearly my Sc5000 is plugged in, and connected to a power supply.

Is my SC5000 faulty?

Is it connected directly into the usb port on the PC? Tried switching ports?

Yeah it is connect directly to the USB port. Tried multiple ports, tried on my mac and also on my pc, and yet it still displays “SC5000 is not plugged in, please connect power supply”.

My other SC5000 has its firmware updated just fine, but can’t say the same for this.

Please help me mate :disappointed_relieved:

did you updated the other SC5000 yourself or was it done already or done by another.

Just to eliminate the factor “user mistake” !!

I also am having identical issue,

I updated one just fine now second will not update