Can't remove from crate

Does anyone know why I cant remove a track from collection or crate?

To add songs to my drive and collection, I selected the files from my local hard drive on the computer and click and dragged them straight into the crate of my usb drive within Engine prime. Should I have just dragged the songs directly into the USB in explorer?

Did you follow steps below?

To delete tracks from a crate or sub-crate, right-click on the track you would like to delete and select Remove From Crate.

To delete tracks from Engine Prime or an Engine Prime Target device:

  1. In the track list, click the track you want to delete. To select multiple tracks, press and hold Ctrl (Windows) or Options (macOS) and click each one. You can also press and hold Shift to select all tracks from the currently selected one to the one you click.
  2. Right-click the track(s) and select Remove from Collection in the menu that appears.

Important: Deleting a track from Engine Prime Library or an Engine Prime Target will not delete it from its original location on your computer or USB drive.

Deleting a track from Engine Prime Library will not delete it from an Engine Prime Target—and vice versa.

Deleting a track from an Engine Prime Target on one USB drive will remove it from that Engine Prime Target only. It will not affect an Engine Prime Target on other USB drives.

No, its very bizarre. Some songs only let me delete from crate, not collection, despite me looking at tracks all within one collection and all files stored within the hard drive in the same location. It doesnt make sense.

EDIT: I just figured it out. It happens while I’m PLAYING the track lol

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