Can't open Engine Prime if i have multiple displays

When starting Engine prime with dualscreen (or tripplescreen in my case) active makes Engine Prime crash when loading up the Graphical Interface. I had to disable my two extra screens to be able to open the program, after the program was loaded up i could then enable multiple screens again.

Is this problem acknowledged by Denon or will i just keep having to disable my screens whenever i want to open up the program?

Also, is there an issue with umlauts (å, ä, ö) in the id3-tags? Tracks containing “Å”, “å” seems to fail for me, once i removed the å the tracks was loaded into the collection without errors.

No problem with 2 screens here. Mac Pro mid 12

Also no problems with multiscreen support on Windows 10 here.

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Okey. Might have been some sort of temporary error, i reinstalled the program and it seems to be working with my displays active.

However when this error occured i had to disable the multiple screens for it to open without crashing on “Initializing graphical user interface”, just want to throw that out there should this be a problem for anyone else.