Can't import any music into Engine Prime

So I just updated my MacBook Pro (mid 2010) to Sierra to get Engine Prime running.

Itunes does not work - probably because I don’t have the XML in the standard folder. Being able to choose a different location would be good.

Then I tried to import folders with music (MP3, 320k) to crates in Engine Prime. Did not import a single track. Same with importing to a playlist. Same with dragging individual MP3 files into either a playlist or a crate.

What am I doing wrong?

EDIT: If I drag a file into one of the decks, the waveform is being analyzed and can play back the track, add cues, etc. But it won’t be added to the collection…

Hey Kevin, Let’s get you sorted out here.

You are correct that Engine Prime does not currently support custom itunes locations. There’s always the option of moving it back, but I understand that doing so may not be desirable for some people because of their particular workflows. The other workaround would be to simply copy the iTunes Music Library.xml into the /Music/iTunes folder and then update it. That should at least get you up and running with your iTunes songs.

As for the import issue, we may have to dig deeper. Are you dragging folders onto the actual “collection” crate under the crates tab? Also, please confirm that you are selecting the “collection” item when you are checking to see if any tracks are actually being added when you drag them to deck.

Some of these questions may seem obvious, but I’m just trying to get on the same page about what is happening. Please let me know what comes from the above suggestions.

Thanks, Vince

Hey Vince,

little update here: I copied the iTunes XML to the standard folder. It’s possible to import tracks from iTunes to a playlist inside Engine Prime - it’s not possible to drag those tracks to either the collection or a crate, though. Clicking on collection will still not show any track, at all.

After getting some awesome support from the Denon DJ guys (thanks a lot!) I finally managed to sort out the issue: Revoked permissions to write files to my HDD after Sierra upgrade - all fault on my side. Engine works great for me, now!