Can't get system to work (new)

I got the Prime 4 deck. I set it up as instructed. Updated firmware, installed a HD, processed all my music thru Engine Prime, but when I power it on, it doesn’t recognize either the HD, the different flash drives I’ve prepped (formatted exFat) in any ISB port, nor my laptop. When it asks to go to computer mode, when I hit Yes, it just sits there with the deal spinning on the screen. I’ve watched hours of videos, read everything, scoured through this forum, I can’t figure this out. Hell, I don’t really care about all the bells and whistles, I’d be fine if it would just plug and play! Any advice because I am at a standstill… I KNOW it’s me, just not sure what I am doing wrong.

Hello @Willywildcat Welcome to the forum.

You know, that for computer mode to operate You need to have a Dj software on your computer opened and the Prime 4 needs to be connected via USB to it…?

As it goes for Your USB sticks and drive - can You tell us more about them? How does the device behave when in stand alone mode, and You plug in a USB with music??

Not necessarily. When you have (as Willywildcat does) an internal HD, simply switching to computer mode should effectively turn the unit into an external drive - the computer should recognise this and either ask what to do or do what you’ve previously selected (in my case open an explorer window).

That was obvious… I think he complaint that the prime 4 is not doing anything on the screen and only stands there with looking for pc on the screen…

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Was it? To who?

You made a statement: “for computer mode to operate You need to have a Dj software on your computer opened…” which was incorrect, or incomplete. Computer mode doesn’t need DJ software running.

I’m just clarifying things for the benefit of anyone who may read that statement - now or in the future. It may be obvious to you or the OP, but this is an open public forum, so your statement could be read by someone to whom it’s not obvious.

@Willywildcat that computer mode screen is normal when connecting to the computer as external storage. It doesn’t change to say “connected” etc. but you should get a reaction from your computer i.e. a window should open or a message should pop up.

Ok, Mr not obvious, now go, read it again, please.

But it seems to me that it is also necessary to download the driver for windows: THIS

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I’m pretty sure that’s for the audio and screen, not just for allowing the storage to show on your computer.

I appreciate your responses. If u leave my laptop out of it, it still should recognize the flash drives I have attempted. I’ve used 3 different brand name thumb drives all formatted and loaded w music processed thru Engine Prime, why are those not showing uo?

Some flash drives just don’t.

I have a SanDisk Cruzer 512MB here that despite being the correct format etc. just isn’t recognised by my Prime 4. Others work fine.

Try updating the firmware again with the laptop method

Remove the installed HD

What is your computer OS?

FWIW i have used numerous usb drives with the primes I have here…from basic cheap no names to “premium”… they all work!