Cant get serato pro working with sc5000m and x1850

I have an sc5000M, an x1850 and serato pro but I am unable to get it to communicate.

The sc5000m says please connect serato dj hardware and serato is still in basic mode.

I have upgraded the firmware on the Sc5000m to 1.3.2 and have the newest version of serato pro.

Please can someone help?

List of Supported serato Mixers Hardware

I assumed if the x1800 was compatible the x1850 would be too. Do you think it is a matter of time? Is there a workaround other than DVS?

Just use them as great standalone players without serato until serato catches up, and beyond

I wouldn’t hold my breathe on that.

Checking the product page there is no mention of serato anywhere on it.

You may want to start a feature request thread

thanks, would dvs mode work?

Short answer is No.

Serato will not detect the mixer until its supported.

Did You buy a Serato Dj license? X1800 and X1850 or SC5000 will not work with serato without license.

None of this hardware is unlocking the Serato.

Yeah iv got serato pro. it seems really basic but i think thats because i need to plug in hardware to enable it?

It seems it wont communicate with serato plug n play, im wondering whether its worth taking a risk on the dvs expansion pack as not had much luck with serato so far…

The X1850 is different to the X1800

The x1850 is not supported by Serato yet (no one knows of it will be eventually)

Buying a licence is not going to make it magically work with Serato.

But the decks should at least work. I can use players with serato without the x1800. They show up in hid mode in serato as usually.

You need a mixer or sound card or controller to unlock the full serato.

Serato does not use the sound card on the players.

Serato play lets You use the computers sound card.

Yes but you can’t midi map it. I could be wrong though. I will try Serato play with just the SC5000M when I get home.

You may be on to something.

Control Serato DJ Pro The SC6000/M and X1850 bring advanced control of Serato DJ Pro. This enables touchscreen navigation and flexible hardware control of all Serato DJ Pro’s library and performance features. ** **Serato compatibility available in a future free software update

From: Introducing Denon DJ SC6000 + SC6000M Media Players

Serato will support the X1850, I am assuming they have not done so yet because the SC6000 still have not been officially released.


The x1850 hasn’t been officially announced as Serato DJ Pro supported as of yet. This is also the case with the Prime 2 and the new SC6000/M. If you all remember, the same delay happened when the x1800, SC5000/M, and the Prime 4 where released. I’m sure it’s in the works but most likely will be sometime this summer. When announced, most likely it will be a paid upgrade for the x1850 to work with Serato DJ Pro (you’ll need a full Pro license).

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What bugs me is I am sitting here with an X1850 but players have not been released. What is the strategy for releasing the mixer and player separately?

I agree. Prior to product annoucement/releases Denon DJ should make sure that all key product functions are available and fully operational. This same scenario happend with the Prime X1800/SC5000/Prime 4, and with the MCX8000 before that.

As for end users, It’s a decision now whether to wait for the upgrades or hold off/return the products and revisit/purchase the products once upgrades are released and available.

Technically even though they were announced together, nothing guarantees they will be released together.

The X1850 replaces the X1800 which is now discontinued.

So there is a market gap.

Some folks will buy the SC5000 + X1850 combo.

Some will use the x1850 with Turntables or other media players.

Thankyou, the sc5000m/x1850 are amazing as a standalone setup so I dont mind waiting for functionality to catchup if you guys are confident that it will eventually?

The reason I am so keen to get them working with serato is I only have one sc5000m - I love the fact I can use it as 2 decks (through the layering) but I bought the x1850 because I thought I would be able to achieve 4 deck functionality from a single sc5000m as i would have been able to with an x1800 (see pic)

Thanks for the advice. Do you think it is simply a matter of time, or is there a chance they wont ever develop serato support?