Cannot get rid go "green" played tracks

So I played a few tracks through on the SC5000 and they are marked green as played yet there is no way to get them back to white, I have rebooted the deck and even deleted the history off the stick but whenever I plug the stick back in those few tracks remain green, some white and some dark grey, I have no clue why some ore dark grey either

For the moment you can put it back in your computer and clear the played states. This is also a known improvement story that Denon engineering is working on now that will allow you to clear on the SC5000 as well.

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but how do I clear on the laptop? thats the issue. I deleted history and everything, where is the “clear played state”?

To clear the green played state per session, you must power cycle the unit the USB drive is connected to, similar to the way software like Serato works. There will be a future option coming to clear on the player this played state history. In the software, the ability to reset played tracks has not been made available in a public release yet, I was incorrect on this point. Dark gray are tracks that have been played since the last played track reset, which will be in a forthcoming release.

I have to try the other drive but with the flash drive i had i rebooted the player a bunch of times, cleared history and all and the tracks still showed green when i turned the player back on

the way the player doesn’t clear played tracks IE keeps them green after a power off is good in some ways as some places I play at have sound limiter hardware which turn off the power to the gear if the noise levels go too high. usually, id have to accept that loosing the power would have lost the list of tunes that id played that night so far too.