Cannot Eject USB stick error after 1.3.1ca357ac93 update [Fixed]

Photo tells enough:

You seem to be having issues that you’re saying are related to latest firmware release but they are issues which no one else is having after they do the firmware update too. I think you’ve got some unique hardware or cable issue there that’s nothing to do with the old or new firmware

Well with the 1.1 Update, there was nothing wrong. When I put the 1.2 update in, problems got started. So that is why I believe it has something to do with the firmware update and not being a hardware issue.

Please provide the Brand, Model, and Size of the USB drive you are using. This way, attempts can be made to replicate the issue.

Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 formatted as Fat32 and is 256 GB big.

This happens to me too from time to time. Also sandisk usb stick 128 gb Fat32. It happened also with previous firmware.

I had not issues when we had to hold the eject icon for a couple of seconds for the eject command to start.

My roommate also has issues with Sandisk drives on the SC5000’s and XDJ1000 MK2’s.

I have always successfully updated with a SanDisk. 32GB btw.

I always sucvesfully updated as well. Bit the player wont shut down as well. Going for a hard reset now.


Solution: Hold the power button and give the player a hard reset.

Hi, have the same problem whit a firmware 1.3.1, sandisk and hp usb 32gb sticks.

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