Cannot Connect to Serato DJ

I cannot connect my MCX8000 controller to Serato DJ, even after the latest firmware update.

I know a lot of people are having this issue, but for me it still stands. Is there a solution to this problem that I’m just not noticing, or are all Denon MCX8000 users out of luck?

Thank you!

How about you tell us what OS you are using and what have you done so far to troubleshoot/solve the issue?

You seem like a mac user so a simple search shows this topic with several instructions on what to do: Also, SeratoDJ even has it’s own support articles on how to solve this issue because it’s a common SDJ problem and not limited to MCX8000, contrary to your suggestion.

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Some weeks ago i did update to serato 1.9.8 and the latest windows driver on the denon site (1.5.0). Afther doing this, it was not more possible to connect my denon with serato. I did an uninstall of my windows driver and installed the older version (1.3.0) and the it was possible to connect wtih my denon.

So there is a difference between the windows drivers …

Or between serato versions. Also make sure you properly installed the driver, seems windows likes to make problems with them:

Yes there are different windows drivers. I have at home a 1.3.0 version, and also the 1.5.0 version that is now on the denon site that you can download. With the 1.5.0 version i’m not capable to connect the denon with serato. With the 1.3.0 there is no problem.

I work with windows 7 pro for serato, so maybe 1.3.0 is for windows 7 and 1.5.0 for windows 10…

I just upgraded mine to the Sierra OS, not High Sierra. I’ll take a look at these links and articles to see if it helps. Thanks.