Can you run 2 laptops with serato dj on x1800 and sc5000


Does anybody have information on about hooking up 2 Laptop with SeratoDJ to X1800 Mixer and (2) SC5000 , I have USB Hub with everything plugged into ( 2 SC5000, X1800, and Pioneer DDJ-SP1, Ext SSD and my main laptop is in USB 1 on the x1800 everything is working with no problems…But , If I have a guest DJ or a second laptop with SeratoDJ and all updated driver for x1800 and Sc5000 on his laptop , His laptop doesn’t recognize SC5000 players , only see the x1800 mixer… But, If I swap laptop location it works Any help is appreciate …Thanks in Advance

There’s a switch that says USB 1/2 on the top of each channel, you need to switch that at handover point.

Thanks for the reply back . But doesn’t work. Laptop 2 on USB 2 only seeing X1800 Mixer in Serato DJ Pro and Not the SC5000 players

So is the original laptop, still able to access the SCs, even when all 4 channel switches have been changed from USB 1 to 2?

Does the second laptop have a full version of Serato?

Sorry I’m shooting blind here, I’ve never tried it with two computers. I already have my iMac connected at home, I’ll plug the MacBook Pro in as well tomorrow and see if I can replicate.

Yes. Its actually my backup laptop has the full version of Serato DJ Pro USB 2. And , My main laptop on USB 1 works with no problem.

The players need to be plugged in by usb to the laptop in order to work with that laptop. Get a usb hub, plug in both decks to it, run the cable from the usb hub to the laptop. When changing the dj’s from laptop 1 to laptop 2 replug the hub to another laptop.

Or option 2 - use 1 sc5000 with laptop 1, and another sc5000 with laptop 2.

If You have 2 decks, each one needs to be plugged in like this - left deck to laptop 1, right deck to laptop 2. Both laptops to usb 1 and 2 in the mixer.

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Morning. Thank you for your input. I have done options 1 before. But trying to make a smoother handoff to the other laptop 2. I might had found a quicker and better way. :wink: Still testing it out. 2 Ports USB 2.0 Selector Switch for PC Sharing Switch to my USB Hub. Thanks Again.

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The SC5000 players can only be connected to one laptop at a time. However I have used the x1800 with two laptops. We were both using DVS.

Thanks for your input. I might have a solution. Going to run a test later. Thanks Again