Can you organise Soundcloud playlist from Key/BPM/Etc

I have connected my Prime 2 to Soundcloud and can view my playlists. However, I cannot arrange them by Key/BPM/Etc like I can from a USB Stick. I can see the Key and BPM but can’t organise them so I can easily mix into the next tracks. Is this available yet when streaming from Soundcloud or something that’s still to come?


You can’t sort playlists from the streaming service (for now), although with Soundcloud you can view BPM and key before analyzing them with the console. Why can’t it be done? I do not know. Maybe for compatibility with other streaming services (Tidal, Beatport, etc.) that do not send BPM and key in advance.

You can get around this limitation by doing this: have the tracks in your Soundcloud playlist analyzed by the console, simply by uploading them to one of the Prime 2 players. When you have analyzed all your tracks, then you can switch between Soundcloud to your local collection on your stick USB (or whatever you use).

Now you can find your Soundcloud tracks in the local collection, and from there you can send them to a local playlist. At that point you will be able to manage that playlist like all the others and therefore also to sort them by BPM or key.

Thanks for the message. I spent quite a while yesterday analysing a lot of my tracks and setting hot cues on them, but when I turned on the controller today and it had forgotten all of the data. Should I have had my drive plugged in when doing this so it saved the data onto that? I thought the controller had some internal storage to remember the analysis and hot cue points.

I haven’t tried mixing with my local collection then jumping over to streaming tracks on Soundcloud yet because none of the songs were ready to go.

Thought I’d ask before doing it all again.



Load a storage before streaming

Thanks for the advice both, works well once analysed and set up, easy to then mix from local library and stream tracks.

Thanks again.

It seems to me that a message appears on the display when using a streaming service without an external media on which to store the grid and Hot cue. Look carefully.

Yes :wink: