Can you drop a track into a playlist in a specific location?

When I create a playlist and I’m looking for a song to fill a gap (working on prepared recording playlist) I can select it in my collection but the drag 'n drop stops at the playlist level, meaning I drop it into the list and EP set’s the item at the bottom. Is there a way to open the playlist (like in Explore when you hover over a folder, it opens) and allow me to put it in a specific spot? (or should this be a FR?)

Where is the pencil Icon in Engine Prime? :hot_face:

You can use crates for this instead of playlists.

Yea, and when the Crate is full with your tracks, you can point all tracks, and move them to a playlist.

Hmm yeah still no joy as it doesn’t allow me to place a track in a loist or crate, at the intended spot (play order wise) without having to drag it from the bottom of the list…

Collect your thoughts for improvement and maybe write a feature request for things you need. I am also feeling it more comfortable if we would have a real file browser like in windows or on macos. Would things make it much easier to move arround. Also the ability to move files from internal drive to usb and back. There are many little things that we still need in EngineOS. But time will bring more features, for sure. Look at the feature request board and like some of the features, that other people have written.