Can you connect a sampler to the prime 4?

Can you connect a sampler to channels 3 and 4 of the Prime 4? I want to get one but don’t want to waste the money if it won’t connect or will not work properly.

Of course you can connect the audio outputs of a sampler to the Prime 4 mixer inputs, yes - in the same way as you’d connect a CD player etc.

There’s no way of syncing it though.

And FX1+2 cannot be used on LINE inputs.

good to know… luckily I started on vinyl over 20yrs ago (and just went digital) so I shouldn’t have an issue with beatmatching the sample! Thanks for the help.

And I also add (in addition to what Reese and PK have written to you) that only the filter of the “Sweep FX” effects will work.

You might want to vote for Ableton Link in the feature requests area…

oooooo… so, connect Ableton to channel 3 or 4 via laptop and then just go wild eh?

Eh? I mean if Denon added Ableton Link to the Prime series, it would enable users to keep external devices in sync. You could connect Live to the mixer inputs, but still you’d have no sync.

Using the Prime 4 with DJ software, you’d have access to the software’s sampler section.

FYI the Denon X1800/1850 mixers have MIDI out, but not the standalone units.

Do you have a sampler in mind? You might want to go for one with tap tempo.

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