Can we now import playlist folders w/ sub playlist folders by drag & drop?


With the new update, can we now drag a master playlist or folder with several sub-folders into the Engine software? My workflow with this software has been to make a master playlist, then have indivdual sub playlist folders nested within it.

Previously, I’ve had to make a new master playlist, then name each sub folder one at a time before copying the tracks into it. This is very time consuming.

In fact, the Engine importation process has been hugely time consuming and head scratching since I bought the Prime4.

I mean, why not NTFS drive support? Most of my collection was on an NTFS drive, and I had to copy it all onto a supported drive format before being able to import it. But I digress…

Is this now something we can do?

Why don’t you try? If it works, it works. Otherwise it won’t work. Do not cause any database failure or corruption.

Try dragging the playlists and then let us know if it works. :+1: