Can the X1800 crossfade between the 2 decks of (1) SC5000?

Pardon my rookie question(s), but I am indeed new to Denon. I’m seriously considering the SC5000m and X1800 mixer.

  1. Does the X1800 crossfader require (2) separate SC5000 units to function? Or can I send deck 1 of an SC5000 to the (A) side and send deck 2 of the same SC5000 to the (B) side?

  2. What are the some specific limitations I’ll run into with using only (1) SC5000 (and the X1800 mixer) before I can afford a second SC5000? I know the short answer is I’m missing two more decks and therefor two more sources of audio, but are there standard methods of using 4 decks across (2) SC5000’s? If so what are a few quick examples?

Again pardon my ignorance and thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

  • Being alert to know what layer you are

  • Pitch fader takeover when switching layers.


Thanks mufasa,

When you answered “yes” to my first question. Was that:

“Yes” the x1800 crossfader requires (2) separate MC5000’s to function.


“Yes” I can send deck 1 of an SC5000 to the (A) side and send deck 2 of the same SC5000 to the (B) side?

Deck A goes to channel 1 on the mixer, deck B goes to channel 2 on the mixer. Or whichever way you prefer to hook them up.

Then you simply cross-fade assign channel 1 as A, channel 2 as B on the mixer and the crossfader will fade between the 2 layers of the player. Whole thing couldn’t be easier.


Yes you can

Each line can be assigned to A or B

Other than the two points mufasa stated and possibly a few other very minor points they will work exactly as if you had 2 seperate players :+1:

Although LaidbackLuke doesnt really use the crossfader you can 100% do that if you want as you can switch each channel to A, B or Thru like most high end mixers see here: