Can’t play from usb after installation of ssd

Hi there - I am trying to troubleshoot an issue and can’t find any information on this. I recently installed, formatted, and loaded music into an ssd. The problem - after doing this, while I can play from the ssd, I am unable to access any new usb drives that I add.

It seems that the controller recognizes the drives in that I can still eject them, but it doesn’t let me select the usb drive instead of the ssd. Any guidance on what I could try?

Hi @cpmcnamara, firstly are these new drives formatted to exFat or FAT 32 with MBR?

If you put them into Engine Prime can you see and play from them?

I’d try reformatting one and see if this helps.

Lastly, are you able to see the drives from the SOURCE page on the PRIME 4? if so can you browse the playlists?