Can still hear beats in headphones although waveform is a thin green line


Yesterday I was practicing on my Denon SC5000M’s and noticed when looking at the waveform display of the deck that the section of the waveform in question was just a thin long green strip for a few bars however I could still hear beats(all the instruments in fact)in my headphones. I ejected USB drive from player and plugged it into my Mac to investigate further using Denon Engine Prime and reset the beat grid/BPM however upon checking tracks beat grid on Engine there was no change,difference?

Not sure what to do here?


Hi @Trafford, thanks for posting. If possible, could you provide a video of this happening and/or the particular audio file that this happens on?

that doesnt make any sense mate youll need to do a video

You need to re-analyze the track in Engine Prime.

Let’s say you replace a track on the drive but keep the same name (other version, extended edit or in your case a cut-off intro). Database wise all is good, but the waveform is not.


Thanks for your reply. I did the following workflow… Platinum notes Mixed in Key iTunes Engine Prime(Analysis set to off)

I also did not delete the original music file(s)so my files in Engine Prime are MP3(PN)

So I guess I will have to follow the above workflow…re-introduce the original file from scratch into the workflow. I was advised by MIK not to delete the original music files in case there was an issue and need to retrieve. I think the MIK cue points are pretty accurate though even though I have to have two apps open and get the time of the cue point and manually add it to track in Engine Prime Player. Yesterday I loaded a track in Engine Prime player A and picked the last cue point as first beat of first bar of old tracks phrase and aligned track B’s first beat of first bar of first phrase(I manually added my own cues to track B though by counting)

It aligned up perfectly(16 bar outro playing with 16 bar intro) and I further cue mark/label the first beat of the first bar of the old tracks next last phase as “end transition” as a cue to have fully ended track A with fader all way over to B. The software is the perfect tool to do your phrase alignments check energies Keys etc as the player windows are bigger parallel waveforms.