Can someone explain the databases to me?

So I have:

Engine Prime installed on my C: Music Stored on D: Crates exported to USB SSD on H: for use with the SC5000’s

I have 3 sets of databases one on C:, D: and H:

I understand the purpose of the ones on C: and H: but I dont see why there is a database where the music is on D: I just dont understand why it exists?

D is where your music is.

and if by some chance you remove D and install it into another PC or external case, your library is intact.

Ah ok so it is just a replicated version of the one on C:?

This cant be right they are different file sizes, its almost like EP is treating it as a removable drive and putting a DB on there automatically.

But this DB is updated all the time so its very confusing.

After a bit of testing it seems I can remove the D: DB with no ill effects and it doesn’t get recreated, it must have been a hang over from an old version of EP but its very odd it was still being updated and had todays date on it.

If anyone has any info I would be interested?

Yes by default it creates one in your system drive Music folder

And any other drives you have music on.

As you don’t store music on your system drive, it will not increase the database on that when you Analyse etc.

Only the database with actual music file will increase.

Same thing with serato as well.

I’m a Mac user and I know that when I had a data doubler set up , on Mac I can actually move the system Music to the larger internal drive, so Serato database was only on the secondary internal drive.

I dont think that can be right for the Windows version as I have deleted the D: databases and they have not been recreated, everything is running fine, I think they must have been some left over from an old EP

I think older versions of EP treated anything other than C: as a removable drive as if it was going to be used with the players so it stuck a DB on there, I think thats where it probably came from.

Could be.

Where is your default MUSIC folder. The one created by your OS

On the C: in my user directory and thats where the main DB is

So you deleted the database in D right?

Try reanalyse some tracks that are in D to check if EP creates a new database

Yeah deleted DB on D: reanalyzing whole collection and nothing recreated so far

EDIT: I spoke too soon it does need those databases, it looked like it was working because it switched to the DB on my removable drive, without my removable drive plugged in it showed no collection.

would love to know how these databases are related/work???

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I already made this a subject for my next Ask Me Anything stream. I’ll show and explain how the database works and how you can back them up. it’s not that complicated but you need to see it instead of reading about it (easy to lose track)

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Engine Prime creates a database for every drive that contains tracks that have been added to the collection. Therefore if you have added tracks from drives D and E, it will create databases on those drives. Engine Prime loads all the databases from the various drives and will display your entire collection.

There may have been an older version of Engine Prime that created a database on a drive even though it didn’t have music, but that behavior doesn’t exist any more.

Let me know if there’s anything that is still unclear.

To clarify.

i don’t keep any dj music on my internal drive, i have itunes integration disabled but i still find the engine folder in my internal Music Folder.

Are you treating Engine Folder different to “database” in your explanation?

There is a difference in total size between the Engine Folders (no music drive vs my music drive) as expected.

Fair question. Engine Prime does go ahead and create the Engine Library upon the first application launch. That’s going on the assumption that the user will have at least some tracks (or as you pointed out, iTunes integration) on the main system drive. Therefore it’s possible to have your collection configured in a way that this particular database is not actually used. Besides that, it’s treated more or less the same as all others.


Thanks for the clarification but its still odd that the DB on my C: is approx 6gb and I have 0 tracks on my C: but 40k tracks on my D: and the D: db is also approx 6gb. Is it the case that the C: is the master DB and each other drive that has tracks on is a slave and holds the data only for that drive?

Perhaps, because you (and we) upgraded from the old to the now. It’s old data in there.

Thats what I thought but I deleted it and lost all my tracks in prime so its still very much in use