Can i lock my drive with bitlocker.?

Im using Engine Prime on Win 10. Just wanted to know if i can lock my drive containing my songs with Bitlocker. Will i face any issues ?Need a confirmation on this .

Bitlockered drives are decrypted by your OS using the secure chip on the motherboard.

If the drive is available to the OS, it will be available for Engine Prime.

which also means that you can use any encryption you want. i.e. not limited to BitLocker.

however, you can’t do that with a disk/drive/etc. which you wanna use with the players directly. e.g. a usb drive you wanna hook up to the players or a drive you put into an sc6000.

Yes all true, but OP only speaks about EP.

What would be the benefit of this?

thats often not precise. i’ve seen a lot of posts where people mean the players when talking about engine prime. or mean players and desktop version and so on.

that aside, additional info which is directly related doesn’t hurt. on the contrary.

Of course and thanks for the that!

Even if a primeplayer could decrypt your hdd, I would not recomment that. Because decrypting also needs some extrapower from the cpu, which is limited and will cause audiodrops. Sure you can encrypt your source drive, but it also slows down the process of transfering the music to the destination drive if you want to use it on the player again. not a good idea i.m.o.

encrypted hdd´s can´t be read on the players. but in Engine Prime … it could work. But makes no sense.

If you’re carrying a laptop around with your music or other important stuff on it, I would certainly use Bitlocker.

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On important things such private text or emails, I think it makes sense. It´s a choose of the user, what files are important or not … so okay. I don´t trust encryptions. If it fails, all my data is gone.

So my music stays unencrypted. But thats my choose … I also have multiple backups of the main music (2 extra drives).

Of course, but it does make sense. :upside_down_face::wink: