Can I have some advice please


Been using the engine/ prime’s for a while now and just recently added mixed in key to get all the cue points into the software, in order to do this I run the records through traktor as well as engine but I am finding soooooo many tracks with the wrong BPM now can anyone offer advice to fix it?

I download the tunes and put into mixed in key and analyse and export cues. Next I create the playlist in traktor and import the tunes and analyse them. Next up I open engine and import the traktor playlists as crates and then anaylse them and import the information.

Even when I recheck the tracks there are lots of incorrect BPM’s…can anyone offer any advice please?

thank you


Provide an example of the wrong bpm you are getting.

Is the BPM wrong in EP only or Traktor only or in both?

Hey Muf,

Looking this morning, the traktor appears to be correct… but engine isnt.

I tried to fix some last week and copy the crates to my usb… but it looks like engine didn’t overwrite the ones which had been corrected…

Once a track is already part of EP collection changes made in another software is not reflected even when you re-import or refresh

You may have to remove the track from EP collection completely and then re-add

If removing and re-adding does not work, then you may need to create a new EP database.

Another workaround will be using unofficial 3rd party tool.

Hopefully we will get an update on EP. look like they really working on all the bugs and whatever else causing EP to act up. I saw one of DENON Mod saying they working on it they can’t give us a date but it should be out soon. good thing is that someone from DENON gave us a little info on the status on EP.