Can I connect a laptop in Standalone mode?

Hi there, I have a technical question. Is it possible to use the controller in standalone mode and still connect it to a laptop for external recording via USB? For example, I’m playing music from a hard drive plugged into the prime 4 in standalone mode and I want to use the USB out to a recording software on the laptop. Another reason I would like it to have this working is to connect it to ZOOM. I have had this set up working with the P4 and Serato where I have done ZOOM discos, but running ZOOM and Serato puts a little bit too much on my laptop.


Update your laptop… anything from 2015 onwards should handle that with ease. My old uni laptop with an i3 could probably handle it.

You could use the outputs and a USB soundcard to achieve that. I don’t believe the USB supports audio back to the connected device in this situation.

There isn’t really any need for that, as you could record directly to the hard drive that’s got your music on.

OK the end result will need normalising, but that’s easy enough.

Hi Guys thanks for the support. Ya it’s a i5 7th gen, it runs it ok but it does redline now and then. I just wanted to see if it could be done using the prime software on the controller as I prefer it to serato and VDJ. Maybe a update down the line will sort that.

As regards recording the P4s recording capabilities is very good. I was just hoping there being a way to use it as a external sound card in standalone mode.