Can I change preferences on one deck so it reflects on both

If i want to change preferences mid play is there a way to universally change them?

As of now if i make change on player i have to do the same on the other other.

The ability to choose our own shortcuts would be cool.

Toggle to another source and back ?

Not sure what you mean. For example if I change the Cue/Loop Quantization on deck 1 can i have simultaneously change for deck 2?

Every deck is independent in settings - so, if you want one deck to be like pitch range 50% and the other deck 8% or whatever. Some of the smart consoles and the old 8000 used to have linked settings and people moaned about that linkage

Ohh wish they would let us toggle the linkage. Cool.

The user preferences are saved to the USB.

So basically say player 1 has the USB you make the changes there and save to the USB in player 1.

So on player 2, that is networked to player 1, change the source to say tidal or another USB and change back to the USB you saved the profile on.

In theory and in my head Player 2 will load up the updated profile


I could be talking nonsense though

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In theory it should work :face_with_monocle:. Going to try that out.

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