Can anyone please tell me if you see these features on your Prime 4 1.4 Beat 2 updated unit?

I have tried many times to update my unit but I cannot, for the love of God, see those features.

All, so show us your screens please.

“I’ll show mine if you show me yours”… :wink:

Oops, sorry! :neutral_face: There you go…

Photo 3-4-5 = source switch icon top left (Tidal + USB)

I cannot see if you played a track on Tidal. It would look like this (green track on top):

I think you have connected ethernet. Did you try to make WiFi connection? You would see screens like these:

WiFi disabled

WiFi enabled in source screen

WiFi disabled in source screen

Thanks @Reese, for your help. Tidal and USB are both working fine. I don’t see any difference in the top left icon (TIDAL or USB) as compared to what it was before in Beta 1. Maybe I misunderstood what they meant in the first sentence of the new features, or maybe it’s just my memory playing tricks with me. I don’t know what else to say about it. As a final test, I will try to disable Wifi and see if I can get the crossed out icon as in your last photo. Will report back after that. Thanks once again and have a good day!

EDIT: Right, if I disable wifi, I can see the crossed out wifi icon. Did not have time to play any Tidal tunes since updating. Will do over the weekend and verify if they turn green after playing.

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It was the first thing I asked about when the 1.4 V2 beta was released, but didn’t really get an answer. There’s no difference with the icon between beta v1 & v2. I wouldn’t really classify that as a source icon (although the usb pic does make you think of source) it doesn’t allow you to scroll/select all your various sources. I think it was either a mis-type or a feature that didn’t quite make it into the beta this time around.

Old release note text. Previously it was in another place on the left.

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Thanks for clarifying that. Thats a bit of a bummer though. I really wish we didn’t have to hold the view button etc… just to change sources.

@crazycraig You can also use the combination of Shift + Eject button to enter the Source menu a little bit faster.

The Source Switch Icon let’s you switch between different types of source (USB / ONLINE (Tidal in this case).

For example, you could make a feature request with the wish to open the source menu also at a press + hold of the USB icon upper left. Just an idea?

Thanks for the info addie. I just got excited when I read the release notes as I actually already had made a feature request for this: Change / Select Source via Library Please give it some love if you agree.