Can an App be made to modify the DenonDJ2 folder?

Here’s my issue. Engine works fine with my music files loaded on my laptop hdd. My main folder has subfolders of music by genre. This main music folder is located on the “C” drive. This drive is the path where I have over 8000 songs with many cue and loop points set. Everything works.

I just bought a desktop computer and loaded all my songs on that hdd and copied the DenonDJ2 folder. The problem is that on the desktop the “C” drive is already used as a SSD boot & OS drive (120gb). My 2nd drive “D” is where my main storage is (3tb). If there was an app to just change the drive path in the egiSub or egiWork… I would be in business. Or… is there another work-around? It’s a lot of trouble reloading and setting cues on all those songs when I can do it quickly. If I’m overlooking something, I’d appreciate the scoop.

There’s not an App which I’m aware of.

It might be worth considering making a copy of the data and opening up the various support files in the Engine folder, using a Notepad/Wordpad type text editor and seeing whether any of the text looks like the path name. If it does, try editing the path name to reflect the drive letter which you have the music on. Only do edits on the copy that you made though, not the original.

I tried every fix that I could think of including what you mentioned. I ended-up doing what I figured I would have to do anyway! I bought a new SSD drive that had 500gb of storage so that I could load all the song file onto it. My default “C” drive was only a 120gb SSD for the O.S boot. It was my other hard drives that had 2tb of storage but they didn’t match the “C” drive location of my original Engine data.

Long story shorter… Now I can move between desktop and laptop with NO issues just by copying the Engine data folders, and adding any new songs from one to the other. All my cue points are saved in both places.

Hi friend, hope far I know sadly there is none to do the job (via app) as of now. :pensive:

Regards, Fofyo Rortu