Camelot Key sorting from 1A to 12A

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I’ve noticed that Engine Prime sorts keys starting with 8A to 12A, then goes from 1A to 7A. I know it’s because 8A represents the Key of A in regular key notation, but this feels completely unintuitive and doesn’t make sense in Camelot key notation. It’s just really inconvenient when searching through my library.

I would love the option to sort my keys starting from 1A and ascending to 12A as this feels A LOT more natural. I think it would help people coming from other software like Serato DJ Pro (like myself) to adjust to Engine Prime more. If i wanted to sort my keys from A to F, I would use that notation, but I’m not, so I would like Engine to stick to the Camelot order.



Still waiting for my P4 :-(, so just wondering. Does this mean that Engine Prime “reads” camelot keys as its classical notation counterpart? That seems like a lot of processing for no apparent reason …

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No it doesn’t follow the classical key notation order, it only starts with 8A which represents A. It goes: 8A - 9A - 10A - 11A - 12A - 1A - 2A - 3A - 4A - 5A - 6A - 7A, but this feels so unnatural and inconvenient to search through.


You’d think it would start with C then, right?

As I was trying this out myself, I noticed something else. Just wondering if others have that as well. If so, I’ll have toss this into the bug list.


As you can see, it starts with 1B, then 1A, same for 2B, 2A. All the other tracks (besides starting with 8A, are in the correct order.


Oh my god this is infuriating! Having to scroll the entire playlist to go 7A to 8A

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While I get the frustration, going from 1A to 12A is also a big scroll, but keys match.

Very true, in a perfect world we would have circular scrolling where by when you get to the end of a crate the next track is the first one again and so on…

I would make that perfect world into a feature request! :+1:t2:

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The Geminis actually go from the bottom and jump back to the top again. This is both a welcome thing and also slightly annoying if you do it too fast since sometimes it won’t do it from the other end on very long lists. What would make it better would if it takes an extra bit of movement to get it to do that and also if it works both at the top (jumps to the bottom) and from the bottom (jumps to the top) all the time with a little extra drag or an extra rotary encoder notch movement over normal. Might also be useful for the folder section to the left that doesn’t have a scroll bar, though I think you can use shift+encoder for faster.

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But no one cares for Gemini outside of the bedroom or garage den

I knew someone would come out of the woodwork and comment like that. I was expecting either S_Anderson, Stedwards, JetSound, or LargoS, though. I’m surprised. So what’s your point? That good ideas implemented on them ought not be implemented on other brands or even improved upon?

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I’ll agree on this one. While I am not a big Gemini fan and would never either buy or recommend it, any brand can come up with a brilliant idea. No reason to toss it becomes it comes from brand x, y or z.

Be sure that all major manufacturers keep a close look on what the competition does. Good ideas are good ideas, no matter who came up with them first.


My 3 cents as usual