Cali's ✯ HouseNation Radio (CHNR) Brand Ambassador for Denon DJ

Hello! My name is Arturo (Nocturne from Digital Audio Kingz) and I found a thread that was closed regarding Denon DJ Ambassadorship. I saw a post from @Chloe_DENONDJ to place suggestions and I am inquiring within :slight_smile: ! I am the creator of a weekly online Mixshow/Podcast titled Cali’s ✯ HouseNation Radio (CHNR). Established in 2018; I play the best in House and Dance music with listeners in over 30 countries, I am committed to continue to grow my brand and would love to partner up with Denon and grow together in the Dance and House music community. You can catch any episodes of CHNR on Apple/Google Podcast, iheartradio to name a few streaming portals. You can also check out the site for the no download online web player. You can check us out on social media: DAK Nocturne IG: Login • Instagram CHNR IG: Login • Instagram

Thanks for your time!

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