By far the worst program when putting track on USB

I’ve had nothing but issues with this program loading tracks, playing tracks and there sound cutting out when playing the actual track.

Please assist! This is beyond frustrating and wasting my time!


You know it’s not supposed to be a performance program. It’s a prepare before your night of DJing sort of programme.

Do the tracks play ok on your primes ?

Hi @Glimpse , Sorry to year you have having problems. Could you please provide some more detailed information and possibly a video showing the problems you are having. If there are specific files it would be good to get hold of these as well.

The more info you can pass on the better.

Thanks J

It takes forever to load a track and then it takes forever for it to play and then when it finally does it plays less than a second and the sound cuts out. It is adding a ton of wasted time when it comes to prepping my set. I can press please and the trace will literally not play for 10-15 seconds or not even at all until I stop it give it some time and then try to play it again. The lag time on this is frustrating and ridiculous. I have noticed this when playing all my tracks either off the actually library or USB stick.

Did you analyse the tracks prior to playing?

Computer specs?

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I had the same problem. I forgot my USB case and had to make a backup on the fly. I only had a cheap USB stick and it took forever to load it from engine and then when I put it into the player track would take forever to load and then start skipping…

NOTE to self in future (DON’T use cheap USB Sticks and KEEP a backup in the van)

PLUS Make sure you use a good quality USB3 memory sticks

Hope this helps…

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I had the same issue too for a while. Tracks would appear to ‘buffer’ as the waveform kept scrolling while no audio played for 10-15 seconds. I was using USB3 drives on the front and back but it didn’t help.

I decided to splurge on some high quality SanDisk USB3 drives and my problems instantly went away. I expect you’re having the same issues. If you can afford some high quality drives, definitely spend the money.

I’m not using cheap USB sticks. I’m using a traveler 3.

i swear on portable / external SSD Drives to use… its the fastest for the Prime and Engine/PCs… the low price for SSDs are good to buy now! And: No troubles with compatibles …


I’m with cncn. I bought cheap usb sticks and there where horrible. Got some sandisk usb3 and my problems went away

@Glimpse are you talking about the Kingston DataTraveler? Because I kid you not, I was having issues on the exact same drives. For what it’s worth, I changed over to a pair of SanDisk Extreme Pro 3.1 drives and as I said, problems went away straight away.

I had the same issue but it was caused by the USB hub I used. I didn’t knew that the hub used USB2 so it took forever to sync my 70GB library. The issue is that EP doesn’t copy files in a single stream, EP copies the file and then updates the database which consists of multiple files. Even on USB3 EP takes some time to finish.

BTW, price is a bad indicator for speed.

Just bought a scandisk USB and it runs so much more smoothly! Thank god!

I bought an SSD external USB hard drive 2TB from OWC but I use that as hourly back ups for my Mac as apple time capsules generally ■■■■ themselves (got a refurbished one on the way…sigh!) so needed another more durable safeguard back up alternative which is why I got the SSD from OWC but I really also should get another one and use it exclusively for my engine Prime Target database.

thats right, just buy one SSD only for prime, you will see and have a fast system to use then!