Button surface material

i’m a bit surprised nobody asked that so far (according to the search) so here it goes: what kind of buttons does the sc5000 come with? plastic? rubber? soft rubber? …

I would suspect it’s because it was mentioned by Mojaxx in his overview of the unit, and that was fairly widely watched by people interested in the product. I’ve seen it mentioned in a couple of other overviews too…

If you scoot ahead to the 2:30 mark you can see his quick mention. It appears the pads are of the rubber variety (as you would expect on a high end piece) while the transport controls and remaining buttons are of the hard plastic variety. Gone are the soft rubber buttons of Denon’s past.

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ah too bad, i really liked them

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Me too actually - but I think we were in the minority. Most people seemed to really hate the squishy buttons by the end. At least performance pads are still rubber - and I use those non-stop so it’s almost as good!

yeah i heard quite a number of different reasons for not liking them from people over time. although i could never relate to any of these. or maybe only those guys who didn’t like them said so and the others said nothing because things were just fine for them :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway as you said at least some of them are still rubber :slight_smile: