Button Quality of Prime 4

Hi all,

On the internet and Youtube i’ve read about some button issues on the previous Prime Series. The play/pause/sync button were made from a very poor piece of plastic wich broke.

Denon states they built this piece from the ground up and it is supposed to compete with Pioneer RX2

So does anyone know if the button quality is better in this Prime4? Or is it the same rubbish as in the 5000 series?

I saw a few people who broke their buttons on the mcx8000, which is only sort of firmware Prime rather than hardware prime, which are fine tough buttons

Almost anything that gets used , gets broken buttons depending on use

This prognoses was misguided. The person who blasted this information everywhere did not do his research and realize that the parts used in the mcx8000 are different than those used in the SC5000.

I have put both of my sc5000’s through literal hell (after drop testing one, all I got was a scratch and a bent encoder post). You will not have issues with the transport buttons on the Prime series.

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Right … thanks for clearing that out :sunglasses:


Exactly this topic concerns me the most. And this is not just about the buttons. It’s also about the faders and knobs. I´m a big fan of the MC7000. It´s a great device. But after about 2 years of use, this device unfortunately causes problems.

When I read that Denon built the Prime 4 from the ground up, I was very happy with that. New electronics, new faders, new buttons, new knobs, etc.

At first this sounds good. After all, you have to offer something to the market. Especially if you want to make pioneer competition. But somehow I do not really believe in it!

A few days ago I was able to play around with the x1800. Packed with technology. But the device felt like you had a cheap mixer in your hands. At least the fader and knobs. The knobs were all wobbling. Also the filter knob had a lot of air when turning. And if you compare the front of the x1800 with the prime 4, they look pretty much the same. In both, the knods are the same.

Therefore, I do not think that the Prime 4 completely new parts were developed. The warehouse is full of X1800 spare parts. I think that even with the Prime 4, the Knobs will all be a bit shaky and in the course of time it will get worse. I hope I can soon test a Prime 4 device and all that I have written about it is not true. Let’s wait for it.

By the way… Since my MC7000 is back in the repair I had to do music with my old SX1. Even after many years, all Knobs are not as shaky as at the MC7000 device.

While I agree about the faders (I asked this way back in another topic if faders could be replaced like on the X1700), all the POTS on the X1800 are metal. Wobbly or not.

The buttons look solid to me, but the Play button lacks a bit of sensitivity, I think. Sometimes I press it, it clicks, but it does not make effect. It has to be pressed very in the center of it. If I press it a bit in the edges the press is not recognised, although it audibly clicks.

Typical simptoms of malfunctioning tact switch. Time for service.