Bulk Analysis on Player

I love the fact that these players can do on-deck analysis without the need for a computer. This could be further improved by allowing the deck to work through all unanalysed tracks when triggered via a button in the utility or preferences menu. Maybe disable this feature when the player is in use, but definitely useful when the player is idle.

Currently i have to manually load each track in order to trigger analysis, which obviously takes a long time.


Thank you for your feedback - I will pass this onto the development team :slight_smile:


Thank you for your suggestion, agree this would be a great feature! You’re not the first to request and we’ve added to the options for possible future updates.

In the mean time I’ve found a good way round this (especially when importing Rekorbox playlists etc) is once the player has imported and converted to EP, eject the drive and put it back into the laptop, selected all tracks and run analysis.

Hope this helps.


Interesting. Just to be clear, you mean run analysis in EP on the computer?

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Yes that’s correct. Engine Prime will see the USB drive, from here you can navigate to the playlist, select and and run analysis.

Please let me know how you get on.


@Jay_DenonDJ I have only been playing around with this for a couple of hours, but it appears to solve a few problems really well…

  • No longer need to analyse a track on deck after loading for first time
  • Artwork is now Hi-Res instead of blurry (as long as you ‘re-import track information’)
  • Key now matches MixedInKey value (as long as you 're-import track information)

So the process is…

  1. Export Rekordbox to USB
  2. Insert into SC5000 and let it quick scan all tracks (to build database on USB)
  3. Insert USB back into computer, and open engine prime
  4. Select all tracks on USB in Engine Prime
  5. Right click and choose ‘re-import track information’
  6. Now right click and choose ‘re-analyse tracks’
  7. Eject USB and put in SC5000
  8. Observe track artwork goodness, analysed tracks and matching keys :clap:

Worth noting that i do NOT have a computer based collection of tracks in Engine Prime. That way its easy to work with the USB collection in Engine Prime.


I’m glad this has worked for you and really appreciate you sharing this information!


It would be incredible to be able to deactivate the waveform analysis and notes from the menu and only analyze the bpm, that would make the load much faster

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agree with this especially with only rekordbox USB key

Are you thinking of a bundle of options in the utility menu where the DJ chooses what ingredients of the analysis readings the player makes - like tixkboxes for waveform, bpm, cue points, loop points, star rating, album art, key and all that ? All with yes and no tick boxes in the menu

are the cue’s and loops also available as set in Rekordbox?

If this indeed working it is an interesting process however why can’t we import rekordbox using the engine prime software development team @denon

Moving this post to the new Feature Request area. Please be sure to like the original topic post of this thread if you also want this feature. Topics (features) with the most original topic ‘likes’ will move to the top of the list. This way we can see what requests are the most popular. Thanks!

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life saver! thank you

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It would be nice to be able to do this with tidal streaming services as well, only way to load bpm is load each track individually and since it’s a streaming service it wont let you move track anywhere other than the streaming sevice itself

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