Bug loop on left deck?

Good morning guys, I would need you to give it a try too, in order to get your feedback.

I am experiencing a small bug I think, when I go to insert a loop with the encoder on deck 1 on the left.

As soon as I insert a loop, and I go to press the cue, the loop is deactivated, but it doesn’t always do it and it shouldn’t. In fact, on the right deck, even if I press the cue, the loop rightly does not turn off.

Please give it a try as soon as you can …

thank you all.

Ok, tonight I’ll try with V1.6

But until the previous version I am sure that when you are in loop and you press CUE you get that the playback stops and the jump to the point of CUE happens: it could have remained where you had fixed it last time or it could jump to the beginning of the manual loop (depends on the setting in “Move Cue To Loop In” preferences).

I have tried and if I press CUE when I am performing a manual loop, I get the result as I wrote above: that is, playback stops and the jump to the CUE point occurs.

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thanks for the proof you did. I will try to verify that setting you mentioned to me. Maybe with a video I would be able to show it better. Anyway, I’ll try again tonight.