BUG? In Playlist Mode: Engine Lightning is not possible-why?

If you are in Playlist Mode Engine Lightning is not possible- only Static Cue’s- no auto-loops or scripted tracks

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What hardware are you using?

SW Original USB Dongle- the small one


I’m using Prime 4 with the SW Dongle (Large One). Not having any issues. I’ve played from Playlist, Prepare, and Continuous Play with no problem.

Few things:

  • Did you enable SOUNDSWITCH EXPORT in the Engine DJ desktop software?
  • Under SOUNDSWITCH EXPORT is the Project Location pointing to your SoundSwitch folder (i.e. default.ssprog)?
  • Have your tracks been analyzed and beatgrids set?
  • Be sure to have the correct VENUE selected if you’ve set up more the one venue on SoundSwitch

Good luck!

That is expected behavior.

We need to raise a feature request for that.

All adjustments are ok.

The Problem happens only in the new Autoplay Modus

I’m assuming your reference to 'Autoplay Modus" means the ‘Continue’ button. I selected ‘Continue’ and let Playlist run from both my hard drive and Tidal. On both tests the light show played continuously and changed with each track.

Sorry you’re having issues.

No not the continue button.

In 2.0 there is the new playlist function witch plays tracks with Crossfade function automatically

My bad. Following you now. Same on the Prime 4. I’m assuming that the expection is that the end user would be actively playing while using the light show. Work around would be to set up a Static scene in Engine Lighting and let it run, or set your lights to sound activated. You can alway choose Continue which will play the light show, but no crossfade however.

Submit a feature request for the next release.