BUG - Engine Prime marks tracks as not analyzed

I’d like to report a bug that routinely force me to wipe out and reimport my entire library. Randomly, at times Engine Prime (1.1.1) marks some (previously analyzed) tracks as not having been analyzed (they miss the blue dot in the list). If I right-click on the track I have the option to Analyze the track but if I select it nothing happens. Concurrently if I load the track on the player the spectrum and beat grid is there. The main problem is that when I export the tracks to a usb drive and try to use them in my SC5000 they are not recognized and they need to be reanalyzed again by the device.

It doesn’t help if I try to remove and reimport the affected tracks from the collection. I tried to “Run Cleanup” from the preference window but it doesn’t help too. The only thing that helps is deleting the Engine Library folder from the main disk and the external drive and reimport everything from scratch.


Hi Glarec.

This is an unusual issue and one which I’ve not encountered before.

There will be a pattern to such occurrences.

Are there any any patterns which you’ve noticed with the files which do this? Eg:

  • It’s the same files each time
  • It’s files obtained from a certain source (eg: iTunes / beatport / a mate)
  • It’s files of a certain type eg: flac / MP4
  • It’s files which have certain text characters in the tags eg: foreign/accented/special chars eg: ; @ / & etc
  • It’s files processed via some 3rd party app or convertor



This is happening to me as well. How do I see what files is causing it? It just gets hung up at 871 tracks and doesn’t proceed with analyzing.

I’ve got a similar issue where Engine Prime has analysed the track (key, BPM, grid) but when I plug my USB drive into the SC5000, the key and BPM are shown in the browser, but the track has to be analysed! This happens often, seemingly at random.