Broken X1800

Hi guys,

My X1800 mixer seems to have broken and will now not play audio.There is also a horrible internal grating sound.

This has happened very suddenly, as it was working without any sign of something being amiss the day before.

I’ve attached a video link to the issue. Has anyone experienced issue like this?

There’s a post about a similar thing already on the forum.

If you run only the mixers digital inputs and don’t connect anything to analogue inputs do you still get the odd sound?

Oh apologies, I must have missed that!

It still creates an underlying crackle sound though the XLR connection, even when nothing is connected. The grating sound seems to get worse once a media player is plugged in.

Seeing by what the other post said about a crackle and a fix it will probably have to go back to denon for a fix

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