Broken USB Slots out of the box?

Good day!

I just received by PRIME 2 controller two days ago, and appears that all 3 of the USB (Type A) slots are broken or software disabled. Is the USB 1 LED supposed to illuminate when I have a drive in it?

The controller does not recognize thumb drive with the firmware update file on it (and yes it’s in exFAT), nor is it recognizing multiple different thumb drives that have had exported music put on them via the ENGINE PRIME software.

Any clues? Anyone else have this issue? Most frustrated as this brand new controller is nothing but a paperweight :slight_smile:

Cheers, Christian

You should be dealing with the shop you bought from.

I will be asking for an exchange or a full refund.

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Yes, but only if the drive is compatible.

I have an old USB flash drive here, which my Prime 4 does not like. It’s formatted correctly, and doesn’t have any strange partitions or software on it, yet if I insert it into my unit…no LED.