Broken/Sunken Play/Cue/Sync Buttons

Hi, This is a continuation of an Off-topic talk about the MCX8000s tendency to have broken buttons in this Thread: Let us tinker with it! - #12 by DjChachi

Symtom: Sunken in Play/Cue/Sync button

Cause: Broken Button “matt”. AKA the Button has broken of his connection to the other Buttons.

Problem: The Button isnt usable on one side andmight (over time) cause follow up damage to the pcb/switch.


  1. Buy replacement Button matt
    • Cant find supplier in Europe
  2. Glue
    • Doesn’t hold up well
    • Alignment of parts is hard
    • Helps only once
  3. 3D-Print brace
    • Stiffens up the button
    • Not tested
    • Might need to be glued too (see 2.)
  4. 3D print replacement
    • Would need MSLA,DLP or SLA Printer (FDM printed will look out of place)
    • Not tested
    • Would replace all buttons in that cluster
    • Labels would have to be made
    • Wouldnt look original

All Methods require a near full disassembly of the Deck in order to get to the buttons (from behind).

So my conclusion is: Please find me a place in the EU where i can buy replacement parts for Denon DJ devices.

DjChachi is willing to investigate 3d Printing.

I have also access to FDM 3d printers and laser cutters and might come up with something.


I already posted this here before


Thank you. A lot of parts say mc7000 on them (at least the electronics do) So now i need a part number :slight_smile:

Hi @VITAS - For replacement parts information and availability, please visit the link below and select ‘Parts Inquiry’.

Hi is the left & right Decks the same button replacement part

yes they are same, p/n is 100-7K-3208.

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