Broken Cue button

Hey, my Cue button broke Today on my SC5000. My Question is: Can I replace them with a Sc6000 Cue button? If yes where I can get the Sc6000 Cue button? Greetings Nexxor

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Did u ever get an answer to this as I’m going to have to replace mine an was wondering the same thing as yourself

There’s been parts requests for the sc6k’s since they came out in the forums. So far, no response from denon. I imagine parts are still short due to covid.

Ahh explains the lack of response from their end I guess, migh measure them as I have 6000m’s at hand to compare with my 5000’s

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Hey, yes I’ve contacted Denon per telephone. The guy from the support said that it’s not possible to take them from the Sc6000 :frowning: Greetings NEXXOR

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