Brightness display problem SC6000

good morning guys, as an admirer of the denon sc5000 that I had until a few days ago, I bought the 6000, I notice and I point out to the developers that the brightness of the display is really too low, in external calibrated to the maximum, you can hardly see the 5000 was 10 times brighter in comparison, hopefully you can fix it with an update soon.

Is there a display brightness setting in the menus?

Yup, there is one.

I don’t have issues with the brightness. I don’t have an SC5000 for comparison and the players are only used indoors, though.

Wasn’t someone else saying things were too bright ?

For your benefit, I would advise you to find more SC6000s at any shop and compare your unit to theirs. you need to make sure you rule out any hardware issues without a doubt.

no, compared to the 5000, it is much less bright, it is difficult to see in the light … outside … adjusted to the maximum

There’s going to be some environments where no amount of extra brightness is going to make a screen in unkempt direct daylight.

Rather than trying to get the screen “boosted” id look at physical ways to reduce how much ambient light is falling onto the screen. So sunshades, parasols, gazebo, photo studio blackout boxes etc

It’s unlikely that the MAX brightness setting on the player is somehow “held back” to 75% of the screens electrical illumination ability. So, yeah, check out how you can change the environment around the decks for less light ruining things

of course, inside the problem you don’t have the problem is when you go out, that you don’t see anything … I don’t think it’s a problem of all 6 6000 that I have seen …

Consider this…

If I worked for Denon dev, and saw your post, I would also see that others report no issues. Now, all there is in front of them is one person complaining about the brightness of their deck. So, I would go to my test devices and look at my deck and if I think that the brightness is good, your post if dismissed (no need for further investigation on the issue).

You need to provide them with some proof that there really is an issue. Whatever everyone is writing here is based on speculation of what they think your deck brightness is like.

Of course, I can be wrong and the dev guys can agree with you and address this in the next update.

Food for thought…

in the same place I have always had the 5000 mounted, and I assure you that the brightness of the 6000 is not enough, a friend sent them back … and had bought 4 … I ask denon to review and take this post seriously …

here are some photos that show the difference in brightness of the readers …

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Well, that white sticker is not making it easy to see any difference here…

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I’m not seeing any difference, difficulty in reading the screens, or any cause for concern.

A practical shade would be better. Remember that giving the deck shade is not only making the screen even more readable but it’s also helping ensure the whole deck is not subjected to heating up from sun

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look at the icons on the left of the strip … there is a difference all right, plus there is a comparison video on youtube by GetInTheMix, pioneer 3000 vs denon sc6000 where you can see that the denon has little brightness externally … do not concentrate on the white cover, but on the screen


I think I can see what you are showing here. Also, for the record, I am only trying to help and was not criticizing your post.

In addition, I am sure that Denon has toned down the lights in the 6000 units as the 5000s were too bright but I guess the question remains, is this a defect, or they just dimmed them too much. Hopefully you will get a response from Denon about this.

The 7 inch screens are a different piece of hardware than the 10,1 inch screen. It’s not just a bigger version of the same screen. The difference is also in Prime 4 vs Prime 2 (Prime 2 with the smaller screen is brighter than the Prime 4). For reference in example this video:

Yeah, there is a VERY noticeable difference.

as you see in this video

the brightness problem is there … although the boy puts himself in front of the readers to shade the screen is invisible, it would be enough for denon to fix the black tones with a firmware update …

I think even the CDJ-3000 would have a problem in those sunlight conditions, but perhaps it can be improved.

A day mode (inverted colors) might help :slight_smile: