Brand new VL12 Prime issues


I’m not a DJ, but have bought a VL12 for listening purposes only.

I love the sound and the looks of it, but have encountered a few issues.

The unit produces a weird humming sound, when the LED ring is turned off. When the LED ring is on, at either low or high, the humming noise is gone.

When the motor is running, it makes a low but audible electric whistling noise. It’s completely independent of the platter rpm, and not a mechanical noise from the bearing etc.

When the unit is turned off at the power button, sometimes there’s a loud “pop” through the output to the amplifier.

When connected to the mains, but still turned off, the cueing light flashes every 90 seconds.

Are these things just normal “features”, or is my VL12.



Hi Ulrich,

do you have still the problem with the electric whistling noise?

Greets from Germany.