Brand new MCX8000 with really old firmware

Bought a brand new MCX8000 as my other one died last week and has gone back to Denon (again).

Got to my gig and found the mic attenuation settings aren’t there so it must be running pre version 2 firmware. The updated firmware has been out for a year now so why aren’t new machines loaded with it from the factory?

I bought from Thomann and there’s no way they would have year old units on the shelf the amount of inventory they turn over.

You bought another 8000 ?

You were not tempted to try the 7000

The 8000 is better because it has standalone for backup (I do video so use VDJ) , but of course the reliability of them is questionable due to screens freezing and Engine Prime is still a nightmare.

At least this one came with a 3 year warranty so thats a bit better. Think I’m gonna chuck the old one as its been pretty unreliable.

The Prime 4 isn’t on my radar, it’s too expensive and doesn’t support VDJ fully yet. I don’t think it’s interface or Engine Prime are developed well enough to justify the price.

Old stock yes.

Some the hugest warehouses never get to the back of their shelf he just puts new stock in front.

He lack stock rotation

You profile say you in England’s UK, why import from Thomann Germany then to ignore England shops who’s might do the stock rotation ?

Thomann were £230 cheaper and also offer a 3 year warranty where most UK suppliers only offer 12 months. Given the issues with these units an extended warranty is a must.

Sayng that Denon shold fix screen freeze issues out of warranty anyway as it’s a known issue.

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What do you mean by “chuck” the old one? If you’re just looking to be rid of it I’m sure someone would take it off your hands. I would take it but I’m in Canada so I assume shipping would be prohibitive.

I mean that with all the issues I have had with it I wouldn’t be confident using it in a gig situation. Especially since it just shut down completely in the middle of my gig last week.

Ah I see. So what are your plans for it?

I hope for you, that you will have better experiences with the new one. :pray:

Let us know if you experience any freezes with the brand new controller? I just purchased an MCX8000 30 days ago and experienced some freezes in stand alone mode as well as with Serato DJ Pro. The left screen freezes on the controller and I need to restart the controller. I hope this will not happen during the Christmas gigs I have, I really don’t have the time to send it in to get checked. I must wait until the holidays pass for some down time. If I knew I could get it back fast I would send it in. This is a brand new controller and I love it but its unpredictable so far. My MacBook is optimized for DJing as well. All is up to date! :slightly_frowning_face: