Brackets shown as %

  • Product: SC5000

  • Beta Version: 1.4 beta 2

  • Steps to Reproduce: Load a track

  • Expected Result: Brackets, as in (), should be displayed.

  • Actual Result: Brackets are shown as %

  • Reproducibility: Happens every time.

  • Additional Notes: I have 3 SC5000’s - this only happens on one of them.

  • Link to Video Repro:

Sooo, it happens all the time on one of them?! :grimacing:

Yes - every time.

I have just downloaded the private 1.4.1 beta 2 - am going to upload that, to see if it fixes the issue.

That seems very odd, just one showing it wrong.

The player showing it wrong, is that the player with the music source drive plugged into it? Like the player with the music drive in it, displays it wrong, but the two networked players display it right?


No, the music source is plugged into another SC5000.

I have it connected to Tidal too - same thing with downloaded tracks.

Perhaps preference set at Filename instead of Metadata?

At my end there is no difference btw.

I have upgraded the SC5000’s, and no longer see the % marks in the filename.

Thanks for all the support.

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