BPM times in engine prime


I just turn off auto analysis and it takes the info from MiK. Isn’t that what he asked for?

You have to still right-click and import track information (? - I think that’s what it is, no analyse and reanalyse), it just ■■■■■ the info from the meta tags.


Things could be more fluid than using 3 different programs, still.

Me personally I’d like for it to show all audio devices and have a volume control.

But I suppose I can just use the audio mixer in windows.


@yeltsin It does work for mp3 but do you get it working for flacs?


Don’t use FLACS, but I do use AIFFs and it works with them, so would assume it does. Only thing that is a bit of a pain is getting the MiK cue points in, as you have to analyse in Serato first, then run MiK, then analyse again before throwing through Engine.


Not what I mean. I want it to analyze the waveform. But to keep BPM and key from before.


It still does - the unchecking just stops it analysing BPM and key. Import the ID info first, then analyse.


When I analyze, WITH the analyze set to off, it still changes the bpm and grid. I think you are misunderstanding.


Can you kindly describe in detail or steps your workflow in how you are able to preserve the tracks original BPM?


I am 100% agreeing to everything!


I’ll do it tonight if I have time, I have already described above but will run through it properly if I get a minute.


This is my workflow as a Serato user.

  • Start Engine Prime
  • Auto analysis is OFF in the settings
  • Go to Engine Prime’s Serato tab
  • Wait till it’s complete
  • I see my Serato tracks in that tab with names and the correct BPM
  • Select all tracks (CMD + A)
  • Right click and ADD TRACKS TO COLLECTION
  • Go to Engine Prime tab, click on the collection, all the tracks are there
  • Then I Select All or some, Right Click, Analyse
  • There you will see that the bpm changes e.g. 50 Cent - In Da Club (90bpm changes to 60bpm/120bpm and the grid is all over the place)

So I now select that track again in Engine collection, highlight and try re-import track info…the bpm stays the same 60BPM (wrong BPM)


i have 2 copies of the same track 50 cent - In Da Club, Engine Prime returns different bpm for each copy.


Mine’s very similar tbh - except I do Serato first, analyse, then MiK so it can write to the aiff file, then Serato again, then (the bit I can’t remeber) right click and import track info (?!?!), then analyse.


That’s an awful lot of hassle for something that should be so simple.

As a VDJ user with MCX8000 I really don’t see the added benefit of having the standalone setup. Yeah, it looks better but Prime is still not as easy to use as it should be and personally I feel it’s still very much bets software. VDJ scans the track and most of the time the BPM is correct, the CBG is correct and it also sets automix points and various other POI automatically.

Can’t see me upgrading any time soon.


Its made reasonable progress since launch and “getting better”.

I haven’t done any gigs with my set up (SC5000M and X1800) because of the BPM stuff especially since i’m used to DJ Software getting it right most of the time.

Vastly improved native BPM detection algorithm or importing BPM from file tags (if it already contains one) should be priority…strictly my opinion. Other customers may want something else prioritised.

Thank Goodness that Engine does not write any bpm/beatgrid changes to the file itself otherwise it will be an absolute disaster returning to Serato/Traktor and seeing all your hard work undone.


Well while I 100% agree Prime needs to get its act together in this department (it’s not right that a $79.00 controller djtogo2 works better out of the box than our 3 and 6k setups) I have found just tapping it out on the mixer works fine. I’ve now done 8 gigs with my Prime setup and the hardware has been rock solid and has also freed up my laptop to handle other things like 2nd setups or running my digital mixer at bigger shows, etc. So having a stand-alone setup has really been nice for me! But. Don’t misunderstand, Prime needs to improve on the BPM stuff. It slows our workflow either way.


It’s more to do with the cue points in Serato coming through into Prime from MiK for aiff files, they don’t embed for some reason otherwise. Just happens that it works this way. Might be pure coincidence on the BPM though - I only really play new electronic music which has no problems with the beat grids, all the older stuff is already matched and the odd few older tracks I do seem to be the correct BPM (the worst is the grid is slipped).


Yeah @mufasa, checked my workflow and it definitely works as I said, no Key Change and no BPM change. Might be coincidence like I said above, but don’t think it is.


Many thanks for the steps.

I don’t have MIK but I’m can buy it if it’s the answer.

Can you possibly try with 2 songs. I will PM it to you.

50 Cent - In Da Club 90bpm (60 in EP) Ying Yang Twins ft Lil Jon - Salt Shaker 102bpm (68 in EP)


No worries mate, send them over.


Just sent them. Let me know how you get on with them.