BPM times in engine prime


What about creating an option for Engine Prime to use bpm values that are already present in files?


  • Most record pools mp3s already contain the bpm information

  • **Many DJs have probably analysed there tracks in another software e.g. Mixed in Key, Serato, Traktor, Rekordboxdj, Virtual DJ etc **

  • If a song already contains BPM info Engine Prime should respect this and analysis in Engine could be with an option to use this value rather than trying to recalculate it.

Obviously improvement in Engine’s own bpm algorithm as mentioned by @AIRVince is still essential for DJs that have want to use Engine Prime as there primary music management tool.


We just bought ours and they arrived tuesday. A LOT of the songs have completely wrong bpm. Songs that are 145 bpm show up as 107,105,120. Like @Djscottyb said, they are all over the place.


33% is added or subtracted of the true BPM value and there is no easy way to change it back on the players.

Even on the software, if one doesn’t know the true BPM value it’s a pain.


I know. I am so used to have this working perfectly :confused:


So last night i had several hiphop / reggeaton tracks around 100bpm, wich i corrected twice on my laptop ep software, upon load on the players it started reanalyzing and just as started above, wrongly! Auto analyse is set to off. Why does ep does this?!! Also happens with 120bpm tracks with kind of a tropical rhythm. Hopefully there is a possible fix, setting different bpm range to analyse doesnt seem to help much and no time for when performing live. Is het possible to lock reannalyse when youve set it correct manually?


Yup it’s a big problem and they know it. I’m sure they’re working on it as the mixer itself makes the right call so Engine should be able to as well. Fingers crossed they get it worked out soon.


Now that DJs playing other genres than techno/house are buying the Ms, hopefully they improve the whole bpm algorithm and analysis option.

Engine Prime should be able to use the BPM in the tracks ID tag if the imported track contains one. Even if grids are not in the right place…one can easily slide the grid to correct it. I do this all the time in Serato even whilst playing live i.e BPM is spot on but grids not on the beat.

I will suggest sending an email direct to support as well to let them know. I already did and the response I got was to “change the BPM range prior to analyses”

I responded that it doesn’t help with the +/- 33% issue.

Can’t wait for this improvement…sorting by BPM is critical to my djing workflow. Number of long lost tracks that I’ve played whilst scrolling a crate by BPM…uncountable :sunglasses:


I’m glad that we have a conversation going. This means that they know that there is a problem. Let’s hope they fix it as soon as possible. As I said before, a collab with Mixed in key wouldn’t be a bad idea.


Unfortunately the mixer counts bpm simply by listening for spikes in amplitude (kicks) Engine Prime uses an algorithm to detect the transients of the beginning of loud sounds (kicks snares claps etc)


This is interesting… If the players are linked to the mixer I would expect it to use track data from the players for BPM effects. Especially for RnB, Hip-hop, Garage and Reggae genres, listening to spikes is a poor way of BPM calculations as the kick/snare tracks can be all over the place


I don’t know if you’re describing the X1800 but the mixer gets the info from the players.

If not available (non-SC), then it will use it’s own detection.


Twice now I have had tracks processed on my PC by Denon Engine prime, the 2 tracks in question have played fine on my PC, their beat grid and bpm correct but when transferred to usb or hdd drive to use the tracks the actual 5000m`s have not played and matched the already analysed waveform, the tracks are playing faster then the wave form and finish before the wave form has ended??? First time this happened I re-recorded the tunes by bouncing in and out of audacity and relabelled the tag data and it worked but this time I just reloaded them in prime and it worked??

Makes me think prime has a transfer issue rather then my files being corrupt.



My result is different.

If using Engine Link the mixers get the BPM from the Players as it should

But as the players and Engine Prime often get the BPMs wrong I switched off Engine Connect on the mixer. This allows the mixer to do its own calculation (auto BPM) and the mixer gets the BPM right using the Audio “spikes”

In summary the X1800 Mixers autobpm is more accurate than Engine Prime (player/desktop) bpm algorithm


Yes the x1800 detects using audio afaik, I had it on bpm mode and the bpm jumped around here and there.


If you have SC’s then you need to enable Engine connect. That way it gets info via Ethernet from the players.


I had to send it for rma due to a few eq knobs clickin in off center so when I get it back I’ll check that out.


Would it not be good to be able to choose what prime analyzes? For example if you have analyzed the bpm in traktor and key in mixed in key, there should be a checkbox on what to analyze and not.


I didn’t even notice that was missing and yes that would be great!


There is - turn off auto analysis in settings!


There are no options for analysis, only auto on/off The options Engine needs are what you’d see in the second picture. image