BPM Syntax Configurations

I am trying to create my own music list using other software. What’s the BPM (Beats Per Minute) Syntax Format Tagging Configurations for the Denon DJ MCX8000?

Hi. The BPM on the MCX is displayed as 3 digits, then 1 decimal place. eg: 128.1

Most music software (not all) and the music editing software I am using specify that if I wish to add a BPM to each track (which also automatically calculates the BPM for ya). States that the BPM Syntax Configurations must be written (example) as: [%125%] for its music editing software to correct display when using their software.

What I am asking is there a standard/universal BPM Syntax Configuration (“computer data syntax programming language”) that Denon Mixing DJ Players will recognize and display BPM from any or most audio editing software currently on the market other than Denon’s own music editing software?

Do you understand what I am trying to explain? :sunglasses: I may be using the wrong incorrect terminology.