BPM sorting order difference PRIME4 vs Engine Prime

The BPM track sorting is not the same in Engine Prime and PRIME4, the order is different at times.

I am having ~2300 tracks synced from Engine into USB Drive and the ordering is not the same.


Perhaps give an example, rather just saying it’s different.

You can switch on how You want to sort the view of Your tracks.

Screenshot attached, sorted by BPM (visible for verification on screenshot) all tracks are available on the prime 4 just not in the same order

Perhaps you have secondary sorting active in Engine Prime.

You can sort by 2 different columns in EP

@mufasa that is great suggestion which I didn’t know it even exists, I’ve double checked and just sorting by BPM solely.

Interesting find… I will check this on my SC’s… But also what I see, You are using crates, not playlists…? I would set the order of the tracks in a playlist. Can You check how bpm sorting behaves in playlists?

The tagging needs attention too. Missing info, mixed info…